“Cinderella, fairy tale for children of all ages” in cinemas for one day only on December 23th

On December 23th will arrive in theaters italian Cinderella, fairy tale for children of all ages, by Carlo Verdone.  The “television kolossal” directed in 2012 by the beloved roman director, housed in the Palace of Venaria in Piedmont, is enhanced in this edition of animated images by Annalisa Corsi and Maurizio Forestieri, in the service of music, masterfully conducted by Gianluigi Gelmetti. To reach the final product was necessary an assembly work and alternation that took six months of editing. To give life to the characters Lena Belkina as Cinderella, Edgardo Rocha, Annunziata Vestri, Anna Kasyan, Carlo Lepore, Simone Alberghini, Lorenzo Regazzo. Gianluigi Gelmetti directs the Symphony Orchestra of RAI.

Read more on: http://www.microcinema.eu/it/opera-e-balletto/la-grande-stagione/la-cenerentola.html


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