In bookshops “Fauci” by Nicola Gardini. The unexpected adventures of a young soldier to the discovery of music

Sergio, dreamy provincial and student of classical literature, left for the military service with a backpack full of books and discouraged certainty of losing a year of life. And instead.

In Albenga meets the eccentric Marcello, avid music lover, Callas iron. For Sergio begins a formidable and accelerated education to music and singing , which continues with the attendance of the Marcello family, especially his uncle Marzio Giuffrida, tenor acclaimed, and his wife Glo, soprano without talent.

Against the backdrop of a large villa in the heart of Milan move oblique characters, rowdy, poisonous. Scapegoat of the follies of the family Giuffrida seems the poor dog, Titus, subject to the daily abuse of Glo and teenage daughter Vanna. Sergio, until then fiercely cinofobo is lit on the road to Damascus by the innate goodness of Titus and becomes the champion of freedom and salvation of the poor dog. From here forward, up and down devastating acute screams out of tune, the story unfolds doubt, mysteries, betrayals and surprises.

Fauci, Nicola Gardini, Feltrinelli 2013, p. 192 € 16,00 .


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