Reflections of Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti

The following is the full text of the interview with Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti exit the Corriere di Siena on Thursday January 16.

Interview of Maestro Gianluigi Gelmetti Reflections on the future of the Academy Chigiana

“An artistic director of international fame and a lot of imagination”

SIENA – In the uncertainty of the future of the Monte dei Paschi Foundation is natural to think that the Academy will Chigi, the Sienese jewel par excellence who currently have to choose a new artistic director. We spoke with the teacher Gialuigi Gelmetti, fresh from triumphant success for the opening of the season at the Teatro Verdi in Trieste, which took place on 9 January, with the Ballo in Maschera by Verdi.

“It is not for me to say – comments Gelmetti – but in fact I would say the response was total. After the seats were all sold out until the final act. This, along with the cheers of the audience and the critics are the things that gratify most interpreters and repay the labors. “

It was the same successful edition with historical scenes of the Samaritans, which opened in 2011, the Verdi Festival in Parma ?

“Yes, the singers were changed, then it is very good today, but this time in the company of singers were several alumni of the Chigi who had participated in my classes when we had made the final events like Cinderella by Rossini, Mascagni’s Cavalleria Rusticana, Tosca, Gianni Schicchi, Suor Angelica by Puccini, Verdi’s La Traviata… good times . “

We seem to hear a note of regret in his voice …

“Over the past few years due to lack of funds was cut the Opera. Past few years due to lack of was cut the Opera, which had become almost a constant at Chigi. We did concerts and events interesting, but the opera was particularly important. The work is a crucial part of our culture.”

What can you tell us the current situation of the Chigi ?

“I have not had the opportunity to speak with the president Mansi, which I know is working with passion for the continuity of the Academy, so I can not venture opinions on the subject. Shaking times, however, and must take urgent decisions.”

It refers to the appointment of the artistic director?

“No, at least not alone: I think quite a clear setting and the redefinition of the identity of Chigi. Chigi This is one of the most important musical institutions and recognized throughout the world, then it is desirable to entrust it to someone who has an international reputation but also fantasy, organizational skills and leadership experience. Simultaneously, we must keep in mind that Siena is a reality apart and can not be ignored by the Sienese`’. should then know the city well, love it and make it participatory and protagonist of the identity of Chigi.”

The economic crisis will be conditioning.

“Of course, but we learned that if, as a result of the crisis, there is contained on themselves, is the end. Should be certainly make savings and pay attention to the financial statements, but not only, It must draw on other economic realities but above all react with creativity and imagination.”

She insists on the concept of ” fantasy.”

“It’s true: in my imagination it will be crucial for the future of the Chigi. Sienese context , such as the world has changed a lot and we can not ignore it. When I arrived boy for the first time at Chigi, with a scholarship of the count was the 1960s. would be unthinkable that everything remained as it was then. present and future are rooted in the past, should certainly not be rigidly constrained. should however be studied, analyzed, interpreted and reinterpreted in different context. ends this year with the long management of Bennici, we take the good things that gave us proiettiamoci and in the future. economic crisis is not necessarily negative, can be a stimulus and a challenge. As the hypothesis of Siena Capital of Culture: I hope with all my heart that those responsible have clear the importance of the Chigi has in the world and what could be crucial.”

His courses have always been a great success.

“Thank you but not only mine. Regarding the course of Conducting however last year we broke all records with over a hundred applications for registration.”

The Future engagements ?

“I will replace Claudio Abbado unfortunately indisposed, on tour with the Orchestra Mozart and Maurice Pollini as soloist. So the Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo which are artistic and musical director, the Capitol of Toulouse with the two Foscari, still Trieste Traviata, concerts in the courtyard of the palace in Monte Carlo and then finally . . Siena.”



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